Changes to the Benefits Cap

The Government introduced the benefit cap in 2013. The benefit cap provides a clear incentive for people to move into work and ensures we have a welfare system that is fair for those who need it and those who pay for it.

Evaluation of the benefit cap has shown that capped households were 41% more likely to enter employment compared to similar uncapped households.

Prior to November 2016, households were capped at:

£26,000 (£500 per week) for couples and lone parents. £18,200 (£350 per week) for single people with no children.

Cap limits from 7th November 2016 are now :

£20,000 (£383.63 per week) for couples and lone parents. £23,000 (£442.31 per week) in London recognising the higher cost of living.

£13,400 (£257.69 per week) single adults with no children 0it0eba. £15,410 (£296.35 per week) in London.

Note: The exemptions that currently apply to the benefit cap will continue to apply.

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