RAN's Seventh Forum

Social Policy: the latest issues and the next stepsupcoming


When: Friday 12th April 2019
Where: Reading Council Chamber, Civic Offices, Bridge Street, Reading, RG1 2LU
Time: 10:00 until 12:30
Cost: FREE

This Forum will be both a repeat of RAN's first forum, which itself focused on issues of social policy to develop RAN's and our Members' agenda for action, and opportunity to take a fresh look at how issues of social policy have changed in the somewhat turbulent times since January 2017 (yes, only two years).

The Forum will also be taking place after the current deadline for Brexit, and any implications that may have for the Voluntary Sector and for information & advice for the general public and citizens of Reading. Make of that what you will... as it may shape the discussion.


The format is being finalised by the Board of Trustees, and is likely to start with presentations from some of RAN's Member organisations to "set the scene", followed by group discussions, analyses, a plenary and a conclusion on hwo RAN can support our Members, and other Voluntary Sector organisations.


Your organisation does not have to be a RAN Member in order for you to attend.
Similarly, you or your organisation can suggest appropriate topic or topics for subsequent 2019 Reading Advice Forums, by using our Contact Form.

If you would like to attend this Forum or add to the topic of the discussion, please contact Hazel Wright [email protected] or use our Booking Form

Future Events

RAN wants to better support our Members and, where possible, other organisations providing Information & Advice, by 'brokering' training between Members, introducing training providers & sharing information about appropriate training - often where there are additional or spare places.

Look out for more information via our Blog and social media channels.

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