Thank you for wanting to either register an interest in our events or book a place at one of our events.

Due to very high levels of unsolicited messages,
we've had to remove the interactive forms and direct links to our email.

You can easily email us by copying + pasting this email address.

Please give us your and your organisation's name and contact details,
so that we can contact you and confirm your interest in our event.
We will endeavour to respond to all legitimate enquiries as soon as possible, ideally within two working days.

If the event is face-to-face, you will receive email confirmation of the day, start time and venue, usually one week before the event starts.

If the event is online, you will receive a link to the video platform on the day before the event commences and again (repeated) on the day of the event itself.
RAN usually uses the Zoom platform, which you will need to have installed on your device beforehand or use via a web browser.