Compliment, comments, concerns and complaints

RAN encourages a range of contact with us from individuals, organisations and groups.

We appreciate compliments for good service and will pass these on to staff, volunteers, workers and Trustees as requested.
We like to receive comments about our service, especially where we can make improvements.
We are grateful for all concerns raised about our service or RAN’s actions.
We welcome complaints about our service, about our actions or lack of, and about our organisation.

If your concern or complaint is about our use of your personal data, we will respond to that within the statutory timescale. We will remedy any errors in your data or fully delete your data, depending on what you request.
Note that RAN does not collect nor hold any sensitive personal data. See also data collection.

For all of the above, please Contact Us, letting us know your reason for making contact. We will advise you on timescales and actions we are taking.

For compliments, comments, concerns and complaints about RAN Members, please make contact directly with the organisation concerned (Members' details). RAN is not responsible for any action or inaction by our Members, nor for their data collection & retention.