RAN's Seventh Advice Forum

"Debt: How the Voluntary Sector helps citizens of Reading"

Reading Advice Network supports information and advice-giving organisations, and our Forum in April 2019 looked at how all such organisations can better help people when they are struggling with debt, what causes people to go into debt and what we, collectively as Voluntary Sector organisations, can do to help prevent that.

The Forum had presentations from:RAN Seventh Forum

  • Citizens Advice Reading, who give advice to people in debt
  • Reading Borough Council, who are trying to ensure that Council Tax debts are paid, and
  • the Berkshire Credit Union, who offer financial help to people in debt, as well as helping anyone who felt financially excluded.

Forum attendees discussed three questions:

  • What problems are our service users up against?
  • What are we doing to help resolve these problems?
  • What needs to change in Reading to help reduce debt?
Read more by downloading the RAN Debt Forum Report

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