RAN members’ information to support Reading Borough Councillors - May 2023

Following a suggestion at our Advice Forum in June 2021, we produced a printed booklet in November 2021 about the services offered by RAN members and sent it to all Councillors, to help them when meeting and speaking with their constituents. We were asked to update it annually, at the start of the civic year in May. Version 2 was produced last year, and we have just produced Version 3 and sent it to all Councillors. An electronic copy is available here.

Please feel free to download this booklet, as it gives up-to-date information about what RAN members can and do provide for people in the Reading area who are seeking good quality information and advice.

If you find errors in this document, please contact Richard Harrison, Chair of RAN, chair@readingadvicenetwork.org.uk
This edition was updated in May 2023, with printed copies posted to all Councillors. If further revisions are subsequently needed, this PDF version will be amended.