RAN's events

RAN holds several events each year. Our most important, as they help to set our work and inform the 'collective voice' of the Sector we represent, are our Advice Forums which normally take place three times a year.

Other events

As required by our Constitution, we hold an Annual General Meeting which all Members and other interested individuals or organisations are encouraged to attend. At the AGM our Trustees are elected, and the Trustees' Report and Accounts for the past year are approved.

We also like to invite key speakers to share their thoughts with us. At our first AGM, in 2016, we had a presentation by Wendy Fabbro, then  RBC's Director of Adult Care and Health. At our second AGM, in 2017, we heard from Peter Sloman, RBC's Chief Executive. Both argued strongly that a close working partnership between the statutory and voluntary sectors was increasingly important, and both expressed their support for the work RAN was doing.


We are committed to helping our Members, and any other organisations who provide Information and Advice in Reading, give the best possible service to their clients.
That means helping our Members achieve the RAN Quality Standard accreditation, offering free support and guidance throughout the assessment process, and helping build their capacity through sharing knowledge, training information and specialist expertise.

We offer information about other training where this helps our Members meet the needs of their clients.

Interested in our events?

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