RAN members' information to support Reading-based GPs (and social prescribing link workers) - July 2022

The Reading Advice Network is pleased to provide up-to-date information about support available from our Members, to local GPs (and social prescribing link workers), to help you quickly find the relevant sources of specialist information and advice for patients who seek help with non-medical problems.

RAN Information for GPs July 2022

The booklet that is downloadable here, is a version of the same available to Reading Borough Councillors, which we first produced in November 2021, which was updated in July 2022 and further updated in March 2023.

If you are a GP, or a social prescribing link worker, assisting patients in the Reading area, please download this booklet, as it gives up-to-date information about what RAN members can and do provide for people in the Reading area who are seeking good quality Information and Advice.

If you find errors in this document, please contact Richard Harrison, Chair of RAN, chair@readingadvicenetwork.org.uk

This is the V2 revised version for Reading-based GPs and Social Prescribing Link Workers that parallels the version for Reading Borough Councillors, and was amended in July 2002 and March 2023. Any subsequent revisions will be made and an amended version uploaded here.