RAN’s Second Advice Forum

Working with users with Mental Health Problems

The number of organisations prepared to release staff to attend our second advice forum over the half-term break, is a clear indicator of the shared feeling about the importance of this subject has for the Information and Advice sector.

Over 25 participants, representing 17 organisations (both voluntary and statutory), came along to listen to the presentations from Healthwatch and Graft (two of our Members) and to share ideas of how to cope with the challenges of managing clients with mental health problems.

Over to you!

After the the presentations, the paper tablecloths came into their own as we asked each table to focus their minds on the key questions provided and make notes on the them to share their thoughts with everyone else during the open forum. 

The questions asked participants to this of example of success and failure in dealing with clients with mental health issues, and what characterised these.

The most common themes that emerged from the discussions were

  • the need to ensure all parties are respected and that clients feel that their well-being is taken seriously,
  • the need for better signposting so that sources of support in their moment of need,
  • and the need for support and training for frontline staff in the voluntary sector.

The outcomes

The first outcome of our second forum is a very personal one for us as we received overwhelming support for our work and the event. We have already decided that our Third Forum will focus on "Partnerships and Networking".

The others, will be announced in future Blogs as they will centre around the main recommendations that come from the report we are jointly producing with Healthwatch which will be available on the Second Forum page of our Past Forums. So watch this space!